Frank Hoffmann the most extensive site for Korean Studies

Icas a complication of historical documents pertaining Korea

Korean history, by Mok Kim
a very readable account

My favorite articles about Chosôn

University of Virginia, Korean Department

University Hawaii: Korea on the Internet

University Hawaii: Links to Korea on the Internet

A British ship in Korean waters (1797)

Exhibition about Rubens (Korean Man)

Maps of Korea in possession of the
Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA, East Asian Library

(Definitely worth visiting)

Korean History at Stockton
 Part of Richard Stockton College's Global History Consortium: history & culture of Korea 
from ancient times to the present

University of Berkeley, history page
An enormous site maintained by the University of California at Berkley. You will find everything you want to know about Korea's history, ancient to modern. The section on the Koryo Dynasty includes an interactive quiz and links within the text on the Chosn Dynasty 
By Joseph Hong at UC Berkeley; Ancient History; Koryo Dynasty; Chosôn Dynasty; Colonial Period; Liberation and Korean War; Contemporary Korea.

Hongik University

Patriot Ahn Choong Kun Memorial Hall

my collection of 100 year old pictures of Korea

Jan Boonstra's collection of old pictures

A British ship visits Pusan in 1797

The University of Yeungnam

An online course about Korean art

Examples of Korean art

History of Korean Architecture

Korean Studies email list

Book review on Korean studies

Korea in the Eye of the Tiger
koreahome.gif (1558 bytes)
Promoting education and cultural understanding through "Korea in the Eye of the Tiger," an interactive history of East Asia focusing on Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia and Russia.
Since the contents is not easy to find; the table of contents can be found here

History about films in Korea
The same in Dutch

Text from Prof. Boudewijn Walraven about Dutch-Korean connections

Society of Korean-American

Humbold University in Berlin (Currently only in German)

Church history in Korea

Hwasongsong or Suwon Castle

The journal of Korean studies

Click Into the Hermit Kingdom (11)

Korea Kidsight
This is a terrific, site for both younger and older kids and parents to learn about the history, folk tales, customs and culture of Korea.
It includes an interactive game room.

Treasures of the Late Chosn Dynasty
Beautiful site providing not only excellent historical background on the art of Korea in the 18th and 19th centuries, but stunning photos as well. Great visual history on everything from ceramics to painting.

Belief, Philosophy and Religion

Long text about early beliefs, Korean philosophers, and different religions in Korea.

Chosn Kings of Korea

A list of the Kings of Korea during the Chosn Dynasty with the dates they ruled. Links to more information about their reigns on other sites are included.


What's in a (Korean) name?

Even slaves enjoyed a vacation (click into the hermit kingdom)

Historical Background of Taekwondo
Brief overview of the history of the martial art of Taekwondo, emphasizing the importance to the military during the Ancient and Middle time periods.

Photographs and historical background on clothing worn by the nobility and the common people and a description of what wrapping cloths are. Source: Peabody Essex Museum

Korean History (still available ?? Please inform me)
All of Korea's history is presented in a single article. There are links to each historic period at the top of the page.


Korean History Project
Explore the history of Korea! This on-line book is divided into short informative articles.

NORTH KOREA - A Country Study

South Korea: A Country Study
Huge site with a good history section, including the Origins of the Korean Nation. A Search Box on the contents page can help with navigation. Source: The Library of Congress

Treasures of the Late Chosn Dynasty
Excellent historical background on a large variety of the art of 18th and 19th century Korea. Everything from painting to ceramics. Slow to load, but worth the wait.

Welcome to the Chosn Dynasty
This site includes information about Korean history from 1390 to 1910. Information is very well organized. Source: Korean Studies at Berkeley

history the castle or fortress in Suwon

Sinking of the General Sherman A US Marine Merchant Ship

Stan's page about Korean history

The Independence Hall of Korea
Official guide to the exhibition hall

Choson Kings

Comfort Women

Cyber Paekche History Museum
Paekche Dynasty in the stage of Buyo, Gongju; Information for tourists and specialties of Chungnam(Chungchungnamdo).

National History Compilation Committee

Germans in Korea
A site maintained by Hans Alexander Kneider

Memorial Hall of President Park
Operated by Kumi City, the birth place of the late president.

Patriot Ahn Choong Kun Memorial Hall

Peakche of Korea and the Origin of Yamato Japan
By Wontack Hong; On-line book.

Stan's Korea Web
Focuses on articles about Korean history and folk tales from Korea's past.

Chonnam National University May 18 Institute

MBC Internet Special Event - The Promise, 700 Years Old

Ihwachang-The Syngman Rhee Memorial Museum
Official guide to the museum dedicated to the first president.

The May 18 Kwangju Democratic Uprising

Korean American Historical Society

History Chart

Invasions of Japan in Korea

Want to buy an antique map?

Jean-Franois de Galoup, Comte de La Prouse

Anthropological site some articles are related to Asia

A brief History of William Adams

Jesuits in China

The historical annals of the Chosn dynasty (in Korean)

Rulers of Ancient Korea

The Deshima Diaries

More about Rubens

More about Carletti (in French)

 Korean Connections to the Ancient Japanese Empire
Randy R. Johnson shows a special point of view regarding the origin of Ancient Japanese Empire. He mentions  that the ancient Japanese imperial line may have been taken over by ethnic Koreans sometime in the fourth century AD  (English only)
Ϲ۰ Randy R. Johnson ϰ ִ Ʈν ѱ翡     Ư  ð   ְ .  Ϻ   ѱ   谡 ִٴ   ġ .     

 King Sejong - Korea Insights    
King Sejong ruled Korea from 1418 to 1450 when Chinese culture (including the writing system) was prevalent among the aristocratic society.  This site provides a good introduction to the person who developed the phonetic language system now known as Korean.  (Korean & English)

The Newton University links to Korea

A Japanese discussion site about the name the East-Sea

A wonderful site about East Asian history (mainly China, a little Japan, and a few links to Korean history sites.

Kubib, The Korean Unesco Bibliographic database

A site about North Korea maintained by two friendly Russian professors I met

The Dutch comfort women


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