Cho Duck Hyun an artist with a special kind of art

Friends of Korea

Korean folk-tales

Dutch Korean dictionary on-line

 Myths and legends of ancient Korea °í´ë Çѱ¹ÀÇ  ½ÅÈ­¿Í  Àü¼³
University of California at Berkeley maintains this site, regarding myths and legends of ancient Korea.  Offers glossary of texts, motifs, and  bibliography.   (English only)

Stephen Epstein's translation of some tales from the Korean minority in northeast China.

A link to the subway map in Seoul
Another link to a map with links to things worth seeing

A site of the KNTO with lots of tourism information

An introduction to Korean culture by LG company

Site of Linda Sue Park author of historical novels in Korea

Hangaram 2nd generation Koreans in Germany
(in German)

Korean American Historical Society

Academic Info Humanities Gateway

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Korean Film Archive

The Korea lore
Gary Rector's site about many Korean links but above all his superb articles in the Korea Herald


Korean Newspapers

Personal Korean Webpages

Korean budget hotels (reservation on-line possible)

Korean Homestay

Kang Hyun Jong's page about Korean culture

Triptych (Buddhism)
With downloadable dictionary

Friends of Asia
A new-born support group for the migrant workers

Papermagic Want a model of a Korean Palace?

the Korean Internet Bookstore

the Artbank
A bookstore with antique books about Korea


Mystery tours
Guided tours in Seoul by Stephen Roney
Shadow site

Articles written by Stephen (in the spirit of his mystery tours)

Asian Architecture
Thousands of online photos of historical architecture in Asia from China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, & Nepal

The Korean community of Belgium (BE-KR)

Urban Asian - Seatlle (US)

Joel A. Hurewitz extensive links to homepages about Korea

John's beautiful pictures of Korea

Darcy's webpage about Korean Movies

Journey into North Korea

Korean Poetry in Dutch

Moogoonghwa: A Mailing List on the Korean

Bloom where you are planted
A Celebration of Korea, Writing and Life.

"Vets.Com Ezine"

The American airforce in Korea

A website for expat Moms
and their email list

The following site is a business index (covers everything from auto and animal transport to relocation tax services). You can choose from many countries, including Korea:

Need a lawyer in Korea?
Aurora Law Offices have English speaking lawyers

Pusan Expat

Links to Korean web pages, particularly those dealing with Buddhism, Korean Language and Translation, Korean Studies, Travel and ESL

Korean Message board for learners and teachers at Monash University

Want to stay in a Korean temple ?

David Masons book about San-Shin
The spirit of the mountains

Se-ils website about Korean Law

Life in Pyongyang in the 1980's

Andrei Lankov's extensive site about North Korean Studies

Korean Museums:

Ewha Woman's University Museum  
Gallery Wooduk, Seoul
National Museum of Contemporary Art (Website) 
Pacific Museum
Museum of Korean Embroidery Museum
Korea University Museum
Kyonggi Provincial Museum (Website)
Onyang Folk Museum
Pottery Museum
Pulmuwon Kimchi Museum
Commemorative War Museum
Horim Museum (Website)
Ho-Am Art Museum, Yongin-si, Kyonggi-do (Website)
National Museum of Korea (Website)
National Kyongju Museum
Mok-A Museum (Website)
War Memorial Museum (Website)
Korean Folk Village Website)
About Pyongyong

Links to Korean universities
links page

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