Tasan and Kangjin

Hamel, Kangjin and Gorinchem (also Gorkum), Holland

Leaflet about the relationship between Gorkum and Kangjin

Search for topics on Asia

Recipes for Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Thai and Japanese food

A research of a Japanese student about the Nanking Massacre

Want to exchange information with expats (anywhere) ?

Office National du Tourism Coreen (KNTO)
Tour Maine Montparnasse. 33,
avenue du Maine.
BP169 F-75015 Paris
Tel : 01 45 38 71 23 Fax : 01 45 38 74 71

Centre culturel coreen
2, avenue d'Iena.
F-75016 Paris
Tel : 01 47 20 83 86

KNTO London
8th Floor,
New Zealand House Haymarket
London SW1Y 4TQ
United Kingdom Tel :
44-171-321-2535 / 925-1717
Fax : 44-171-321-0876

Frankfurt Baseler Strasse, 48
Frankfurt am Main Germany
Tel : 49-69-233226
Fax : 49-69-253519

KR Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Korean Education Network (KREN)

Korean Overseas Culture & Information Service

Korea National Tourism Office

KNTO On-line Commercial Website

National Museum of Korea

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

The National Library of Korea

Korea Foundation (KR)

How English developed
(Nothing to do with Korea, but just an interesting site)

A site about the how strange borders in Europe sometimes run

Wart hog and Hog Research
Nothing to do with Korea, but it's made by my nephew



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